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Companies across all sectors are increasingly outsourcing the delivery of their business-critical IT services to colocation providers in order to improve efficiency and reduce cost. In turn, the fast-growing and highly competitive marketplace is demanding that colocation providers offer ever-increasing levels of service.

Concertim's unique and secure portal technology allows colocation providers to differentiate their service offerings, improve customer retention and drive new business growth. Customers can be given access to detailed information relating to their own racks, cages and suites (e.g. power usage, cost, capacity & environmental data), as well as key performance indicators, through a highly-configurable, customer-branded dashboard. The information provided can either be tailored to individual customers or offered as packaged service offerings.

Colocation portal - Concertim

An enhanced version of the portal, to be launched in summer 2016, provides customers with complete visibility and control of their own IT systems within a hosted data center. With access to power, cooling and environmental information that is published by the colocation provider using a secure read-only API, customers can access the power of Concertim's end-to-end DCIM suite – with asset management, power chain management, capacity planning, and data center performance monitoring. In this configuration, the Command application can also be used by colocation providers to offer fully-integrated change management services.

Colocation portal - Concertim

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