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A modular DCIM solution that grows with you

Our modular licensing approach caters for the DCIM needs of SMEs, corporate data centers, colocation providers and cloud providers alike. It allows you to choose the modules that meet your current budget and requirements, while being able to scale up your service as required. The modules available for you to choose from are:

  • Asset Control: visual asset management for keeping track of IT and facilities devices within your data center.
  • Power Control: understand the dependence of key systems on upstream power distribution and backup systems.
  • Environmental Control: monitor and control environmental factors, such as temperature hot-spots or humidity conditions, before they pose a risk to your data center.
  • Facilities Control: monitor and control mechanical, electrical and cooling systems.
  • IT Control: monitor the health of IT hardware for BMC and SNMP-enabled devices, control and manage power, and collate information at the operating system and application level.
  • VM Control: manage virtual machine assets, locate VMs and their hosts, monitor hypervisors and operating systems, and automate virtual machine migration.


Concertim im:CONTROL modules - DCIM

Concertim 6 capabilities include:

  • Visual asset management for data center infrastructure and rack-mounted IT devices.
  • Configurable dashboard with user-defined graphs, charts and dials.
  • Historical graphs and scheduled reports.
  • Multi-level thresholds, user-defined alerts and auditable event management.
  • Static or dynamic grouping of devices (eg. by type, owner, rack or current status).
  • Comprehensive power chain management capabilities.
  • Trend analysis, capacity management and what-if scenario planning.
  • Active control of power systems, as well as SNMP and Modbus devices, via a simple-to-use workflow manager.
  • Role-based access, which limits user access to subsets of product capabilities.
  • A programmable interface for defining key performance indicators.
  • An open scripting capability that allows end-users to customize the product.

Access to the data you need when you need it

EU Code of Conduct for Data CentresOur products are delivered within a single web application framework, allowing you to access your data where and when you need to. You can choose to implement modules or groups of modules based on your current technical requirements, allowing our DCIM solution to grow with you.

Strategic use of Concertim 6 provides the reporting you need to participate in schemes such as the EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres, which details best practice within the industry for continuous energy efficiency.

Contact us for more information to find out how Concertim 6 can be your data centre solution.

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