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Environmental Control

Environmental CONTROL - Concertim 6 DCIMThe Environmental Control module provides support for third party environmental sensors as well as our proprietary 1-wire sensor technology.

The module allows you to configure these environmental sensors, position them in a virtual view of the data center, and then visualize and record the data that they produce. This data can be used to monitor and manage the efficiency of cooling equipment, as well as to identify temperature hot-spots within individual racks or aisles. It may also be used to define active control sequences through Concertim 6’s workflow GUI.

Proper management of environmental conditions can lead to substantial energy savings: studies show that a 2˚F increase in temperature can result in savings of 2-5% in typical data centers, yet most run 5-10 ˚F below optimal conditions. At the same time, the use of automated breach conditions can significantly reduce risk by providing notifications well before critical temperature or humidity conditions are reached.

Concertim's own low-cost sensors can be daisy-chained together using standard cat 5 cable, with up to 50 sensors for a single chain of up to 160ft in length.
Supported sensors currently include:

  • Temperature.
  • Humidity.
  • Air flow.
  • Pressure.
  • Luminosity.

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