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Facilities Control

Facilities CONTROL - Concertim 6 DCIMThe Facilities Control module offers functionality for configuring, monitoring and controlling mechanical, electrical and cooling systems within the data center. It also provides the ability to visualize data at the rack-level – by aggregating data from sensors, power distribution and IT devices within a rack.

The module makes use of SNMP ‘get’ and Modbus ‘read’ protocols to monitor data from Facilities devices, and the corresponding ‘put/write’ protocols to actively control these devices. Bulk configuration capabilities allow users to define the particular metrics that are to be collected for devices of a given type, as well as the variables that can be modified as part of an automated breach procedure or workflow. Communication standards such as BACnet and Lonworks can be accommodated with the use of protocol converters. Third-party PDUs are also supported directly.

Typical devices that can be monitored and controlled with this module include:

  • Power distribution boards, generators and UPS systems.
  • Air conditioning units and air handlers.
  • In-line cooling systems and water-cooled doors.
  • Rack mounted PDUs.
  • Pumps, fans and other auxiliary equipment.
  • Access control and fire suppression systems.

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