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IT Control

IT CONTROL - Concertim 6 DCIM

The IT Control module gathers real-time metrics that relate to IT assets within the data center. The health of servers, blade enclosures, switches, and storage arrays can be monitored over Out of Band (OoB) network interfaces that support the IPMI and SNMP protocols, while information at the operating system and application level can be monitored using SNMP and WMI.

You can deploy this module to identify unused, under-used, faulty or inefficient IT equipment by monitoring peak and average IT utilization. Similar information can be also used to define IT efficiency metrics, as well as guide consolidation and virtualization strategies. Usage statistics can be apportioned to end-users, departments and customers to drive best practice. The potential for savings are substantial: average IT utilization is less than 5% for a typical data center and less than 15% for fully virtualized data centers.

The module also enables OoB power management – allowing you to switch off or cap the power used by servers when they are not in use.

IT Control generates vital information to drive improved decisions relating to the procurement of additional power, space, infrastructure or IT equipment. It can also guide investment decisions based on identified OPEX vs CAPEX costs.

This module adds support for:

  • Server health metrics, including fan status, voltages, CPU temperatures, and inlet temperature sensors and server power usage (where supported).
  • Power capping technologies, such as Intel Node Manager.
  • Remote OoB power control.
  • Extensive operating system metrics, such as CPU utilization, disk and network I/O.
  • Application performance metrics, such as email, database or web transactions.


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