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Asset CONTROL DCIM module

Asset Control

Concertim 6 includes a basic level of visual asset management as standard. This enables you to keep track of IT and facilities devices within your data center from a centralized database. The database holds information about the equipment you are using (e.g. name, make, model and size) and where...
Environmental Control DCIM module

Environmental Control

The Environmental Control module provides support for third party environmental sensors as well as our proprietary 1-wire sensor technology. The module allows you to configure these environmental sensors, position them in a virtual view of the data center, and then visualize and record the...
Facilities Control DCIM module

Facilities Control

The Facilities Control module offers functionality for configuring, monitoring and controlling mechanical, electrical and cooling systems within the data center. It also provides the ability to visualize data at the rack-level – by aggregating data from sensors, power distribution and IT devices...
IT Control DCIM module

IT Control

The IT Control module gathers real-time metrics that relate to IT assets within the data center. The health of servers, blade enclosures, switches, and storage arrays can be monitored over Out of Band (OoB) network interfaces that support the IPMI and SNMP protocols, while information at...
Power Control DCIM module

Power Control

The Power Control module provides capabilities for power chain management within the data center. The module allows the power connectivity between devices to be recorded in the asset database. This helps you understand the critical dependence of individual IT assets, or groups of assets,...
VM Control DCIM module

VM Control

The VM Control module allows users to monitor and manage virtual machines within the data center. Once enabled, virtual machine hosts may be defined and individual virtual machines may be configured as assets. The location of virtual machines may be specified manually or tracked automatically...

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