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Power Control

Power CONTROL - Concertim 6 DCIM moduleThe Power Control module provides capabilities for power chain management within the data center.

The module allows the power connectivity between devices to be recorded in the asset database. This helps you understand the critical dependence of individual IT assets, or groups of assets, on incoming power feeds, back-up power generators, UPS systems, automatic transfer switches, power distribution boards and rack-mounted PDUs. By doing so, you are able to reduce risk and ensure that important IT services are as resilient as possible with regard to any potential disruptions to power supply.

Key features include:

  • The ability to display all upstream power connections relative to a particular device.
  • The ability to display all assets that are connected to a particular power source or distribution outlet.
  • The ability to define groups of assets that are connected (or are not connected) to a given power source or distribution outlet.
  • The ability to map power information from a power outlet to a device that is connected to that outlet.

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