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VM Control

VM CONTROL - Concertim 6 DCIMThe VM Control module allows users to monitor and manage virtual machines within the data center. Once enabled, virtual machine hosts may be defined and individual virtual machines may be configured as assets. The location of virtual machines may be specified manually or tracked automatically through interfaces to third-party VM management systems. Key VM performance metrics may then be monitored using SNMP or WMI.

VM Control is important for customers who are embarking on, or have undertaken, consolidation and virtualization projects and who wish to ensure that their VM environment continues to run effectively and efficiently.
This module adds support for:

  • Hypervisor metrics.
  • VM system metrics, such as virtual CPU utilization, disk and network I/O.
  • Visualization of aggregated statistical metrics of VMs on a VM host
  • Visualization and comparison of metrics across all VMs on a VM host
  • Ability to infer metrics (such as power) from each VM host to individual VMs using proxy metrics such as CPU utilization, disk or network I/O, or combinations of these.
  • Automated VM location services and automated detection of orphaned VMs.

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